Monday, September 3, 2012

The Other Side

Well here I am on the other side!  A newly-wed,  a married man.

Words will never express how beautiful the day was, I've never felt such out pouring of love, support and happiness.  It was all enveloping and in the weeks since that day when I've felt un-anything, I take a moment and go back to that day and remember that feeling, that love.  I get to carry it with me and that is a HUGE gift.

Life has started to get back to a normal pace, thought it does feel different.  I'm back at meetings which is a constant.  I thought about going to meetings while we were in Paris but there was SO much to do, luckily by the grace of HP, I did not once even think about a glass of anything,  not at the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the after party, the brunches & dinners, the honeymoon.  That is all miraculous and I am grateful.

I keep joking with Chris that it doesn't feel any different and I guess in the day to day it doesn't, I though feel more settled.  More grounded. Like life has more possibilites.  I'm grateful to be exactly where I am today and that is a gift too of sobriety.  Comfortable in one's own skin, with a new title and a new name - slowly becoming that man I was born to be.

Off to me meeting,  thanks for letting me share.  I look forward to catching up on your lives!