Friday, June 22, 2012

I'm Back

Recovery is a process. Hi! by the way. It's been way too long but I look forward to writing again but more so reading. Life has gotten huge and the gift of desperation has kicked back in again so that I am now re-focusing on meetings and recovery. The last 3 months (has it really been that long) have been A LOT of work so much so that any time I did have off was saved for sleeping & catching up with the rest of my life. We moved to a beautiful new place with a garden and a sun room - unheard of in these parts, or rare should I say. It's truly been a blessing and not possible if I was still drunk, that I realize. We've also under two months until our wedding! I can't believe how the time has flown. I'm so excited about it and our honeymoon to Paris! My meeting attendance has been paltry at best, thankfully the work has slowed the only side effect being that stupid fear of economic insecurity (see wedding:)) , it comes & goes just like work. I'm hitting a meeting tonight and daring to do so in my new neighborhood. It will be good for me to plug in in that way. I just wanted to plug in, in this way too. I'll keep you posted. I've missed you all


  1. Nice to see your return Jeremy. I bet your new place is lovely.
    Keep up with those meetings and everything is possible. The gifts can be limitless!

  2. They can indeed, Thanks dAAve, it's nice to be back