Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A State

Hello,  My Name is Jeremy and I am living in resentment, judgement and self pity as of late.

I can immediately chalk this up to a spotty meeting schedule, which I can blame on my hectic work schedule and dog-sitting for a friend which requires me to get up an hour earlier than normal and stay out an hour later than planned on most night - there I go with the self pity again!

I am getting to a meeting tonight, tomorrow and Thursday, I've already worked them into my schedule.  What I can't help feeling is that I'm at a point where I need MORE than just meetings and fellowship.  I had a sponsee for a hot second and that seemed to help...for a hot second.

I also need some gratitude so here goes:

I am grateful that feelings are not facts and they do not last forever

I am grateful that I can take actions to change my feelings/thoughts

I am grateful for the abundance of work that has come my way

I am grateful for the flexibility and understanding of my bosses so that I can meet all these different jobs

I am grateful for signing a lease on a new apt & planning a move for May 30th

I am grateful for my fiance' Chris, his grace, compassion and understanding are unparalleled.

I am grateful for my family

I am grateful for AA and how it continues to save me from myself

I am grateful for these blogs which always give me a connection to who I am and who I am divinely guided to be


  1. Sponsees are my savior. Other service committments are too.

  2. Boy howdy do I know this feeling.

    Sometimes the trudge is harder and steeper than others...

  3. Thank you both, It's nice to know I'm not alone and there is a solution - why are these things do foregettable?

  4. Nice post Jeremy! Gratitude is a powerful thing and makes the day easier.

    I read a story that might really resonate for you -- check it out: http://www.todaysstep.com/stories.html. Trina R really seems to nail it on the head.

    Best wishes!