Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ha ha

Got to my meeting last night - the topic?  'Going to Meetings' my higher power has a sense of humor which I appreciate.

It's amazing how seeing the people I consider my family here in NY (my home group) soften the prickly edges I can build up. It's interesting to see and feel the difference with how I am relating to the world today versus a few days ago. The main thing I kept hearing last night was, even if you just sit in a meeting, the very fact that you've taken the action to go there and listen starts to shift you.

I also realized between moving in two months and getting married in four, now is NOT the time to go lax on meetings, in fact I'll probably need them more than ever to keep me right sized and away from a drink.

and service.  I suppose it's time to start doing some service in SOME capacity. Thanks for that reminder dAAve

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A State

Hello,  My Name is Jeremy and I am living in resentment, judgement and self pity as of late.

I can immediately chalk this up to a spotty meeting schedule, which I can blame on my hectic work schedule and dog-sitting for a friend which requires me to get up an hour earlier than normal and stay out an hour later than planned on most night - there I go with the self pity again!

I am getting to a meeting tonight, tomorrow and Thursday, I've already worked them into my schedule.  What I can't help feeling is that I'm at a point where I need MORE than just meetings and fellowship.  I had a sponsee for a hot second and that seemed to help...for a hot second.

I also need some gratitude so here goes:

I am grateful that feelings are not facts and they do not last forever

I am grateful that I can take actions to change my feelings/thoughts

I am grateful for the abundance of work that has come my way

I am grateful for the flexibility and understanding of my bosses so that I can meet all these different jobs

I am grateful for signing a lease on a new apt & planning a move for May 30th

I am grateful for my fiance' Chris, his grace, compassion and understanding are unparalleled.

I am grateful for my family

I am grateful for AA and how it continues to save me from myself

I am grateful for these blogs which always give me a connection to who I am and who I am divinely guided to be

Friday, March 9, 2012

Do or Do Not, There is no Try

The infinte wisdom of yoda has entered one the Intensati series I'm doing this month. 

It's been rolling around in my head all week, how often I use the word try.  I even noticed it in my last post. My friend & instructor says simply 'try' means you're not going to. 

This echos for me as taking the action, doing the action. Something I need reminding of.  I've been in a really good meeting schedule as of late getting to 5 or 6 a week generally.  This week however I missed Wednesday and Thursday because of my work schedules and this morning I feel it, or at least I think I feel it. 6:45 can't come soon enough.

I was asked to be an interim sponsor for someone which has turned my program on it's head in the best way.  It's been a while since I've worked with anyone in this way and it really is such a pillar of this program. I'm looking forward to both our growths.

I just really wanted to check in and I will write again next week!